tumblr sucks you all suck except like 3 of you. That’s why I don’t log on anymore

have you had any sexual experiences with a female?

indeed. But that’s not my cup o tea, but I always keep my mind open.

Bitch u ugly

awww hey man thats not very nice, but we are all entitled to an opinion! I happen to disagree, I am a beautiful spirit and body <3

I'm from maryland too :D

wooord you shit hit up some badass raves if you don’t already! Cotton candy laboratory this weekend! If you haven’t been to a badass show ill let your mind wonder and you’ll see when you get there, and if you have.. Well hey fam!!:3

Just to let you no you are prefect, gorgeous, I would treat you like the queen you are hehe

awwww that is so sweet:3 :3 :3